Sunday, 18 September 2011

Choice photos - I love my Sony HX100V

At a car wash.

Flowers in the Botanic Gardens.
The Storkbilled Kingfisher at the Botanic Gardens.
Bridge linking Hortpark to Telok Blangah.
Little Heron at Sungei Buloh having a bad hair day. Actually it got excited when it saw what it thought was a fish it could have for lunch.
Disappointment as the fish swam away.
 Hair went back to original sleekness as it accepted that its lunch had gotten away.
Mushroom parasol.
Squirrel bush eating something unidentifiable.
The longest boardwalk in Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve.
A baby monitor lizard with such beautiful makings on its body.
Ice Kachang with ice-cream, my favourite desert.

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